Newsletter May 25th

A Message from

the Minister’s Messy Desk 

On May 26th we celebrate one of the least known Church holidays, Ascension Day.  It is always “celebrated” 40 days after Easter and commemorates the day that Jesus ascended to heaven following his resurrection. Versions of the ascension are found  in in the very last chapters of Matthew, Mark, and Luke or the beginning of Acts. The most detailed version is found in Acts 1:6-11, which mentions that after Jesus’ ascension the disciples were standing around looking up and and two men (or angels) asked them why they are standing around looking up to heaven when Jesus told them what would happen. In Matthew’s version, as Jesus ascends he gives them the great commission telling them to “GO!” and  make disciples of all nations. The point is that as we lift ourselves in praise we also need to live that praise through action. I recently learned that in Sweden, on Ascension day people typically celebrate by going into the forest at sunrise in hopes of hearing the birds sing praises. I may not get up at sunrise, but I do intend on taking a moment to hear all the earth praising God- and then see how that inspires action. 


The Session met on Tuesday May 24 the following motions were passed:

  • That the requirement to show vaccine proof be lifted
  • That mask wearing is recommended rather than a requirement
  • That an Every Home Elder Visitation program will commence in the early fall and will include discussions about the finances of CVPC
  • That Vancouver Island Musicfest is given permission to use our parking lot as a shuttle stop July 8-10

The Session also received a letter from the Fellowship Group. At their meeting on May 17th the Fellowship Group voted to disband. The Session accepted this with regret.  The Session and entire congregation are very grateful for the work that the Fellowship Group has done over the many years. A special moment of recognition will take place in an upcoming service. 

Other Announcements:

We need folks to sign up to prepare the coffee! We are also looking for a coffee coordinator who could help ensure that supplies are purchased. Please contact the office if you are interested. 

BIBLE STUDY: A new Bible study is beginning May 26th at 7pm over Zoom and will run every Thursday until June 16th. It is entitled “Meet the Disciples”. Get to know the original disciples in a new way- there were quite a diverse bunch!