Our Life and Ministry

We are:

  • A people centred in Scripture and guided by doctrine
  • A people who follow Jesus Christ
  • A people who think and have a tender heart
  • A people who believe in doing all things decently and in good order
  • A people with a mission
  • A people who care about justice
  • A people who share, who serve.
  • A people who grow in faith, pray and worship

Under the guidance of our Minister and Elders (“The Session”), various committees of dedicated members shape and guide our life and ministry as a congregation, including in such areas as pastoral care, worship, education for children and adults, care for our building and property, management of our finances, the organization of our library, mission and outreach, and so much more.  We are blessed to have so many young retirees in our midst, who have an amazing wealth of energy, experience, gifts, and time to share for the benefit of the congregation and the community, and to mentor and bless upcoming generations after them.

Some Representative Programs

Children and Worship As part of our Sunday morning Service, we offer a program for younger children aged 4-10 (or so -the age range is flexible).  We meet together as a whole worshipping community in our main hall at 10:30 and then, following the Family Time in our worship Service, the leaders and children in our Children and Worship program proceed to another room for their special program.  Arising out of the Montessori approach, Children and Worship is an alternative worship experience more than a traditional Sunday School program, incorporating biblical stories told experientially, exploration through discussion and crafts, singing, an offering, prayers, and feasting.  In fact, anyone who wishes (regardless of age) may choose to be part of this worship experience or the worship service  in our main hall.  Following both Services, at about 11:30, everyone joins together for refreshments and conversation.

Choir: Music is important to us at CVPC and we are currently in search of a Choir Director.  Elvera Penner has been our accompanist for many years and, in addition, teaches private lessons and accompanies many choirs and individuals in concerts, festivals, and recitals throughout the Valley.  Our choir is currently singing every other Sunday, practices are at 9:00am on Sundays, prior to our Service at 10:30.  We welcome experienced or novice singers to join our choir anytime, without audition.  We suggest you call the church office the week prior just to make sure the choir is practicing on the Sunday you plan to come.

Watering our potatoes

Harvest Community Gardens  “Where Neighbours Meet” Part of our property on Aspen Road is under development as a community garden, providing people in our neighborhood and the wider community the opportunity to have their own garden plot in season.  This project is linked with the local Food Bank and Sonshine Lunch Club as well.  We are grateful to Federal initiative, New Horizons for Seniors for a generous grant to help make this project possible.

   Women's CircleLadies Circle

A group of women meet at members homes monthly to knit prayers shawls for the comfort of the sick and dying, as well as items to be sent to children in Malawi.  No circle is ever complete without good conversation and delicious refreshments as well.  Here are just some of the shawls that have been created and are available free of charge to anyone who would like one or for anyone to give away.

 The Fellowship Group Men and women meet monthly to plan special events, fund-raising projects, and to provide catering for birthday and anniversary celebrations and for memorial services.  Our worship space, Millennium Hall, was designed as a multi-purpose space and, in its various configurations of tables and chairs, has proved to be a great resource for the congregation and community to use in so many different ways.  In large part thanks to the Fellowship Group’s hard work, our congregation is debt-free, even after purchasing a property and building our facility.  Relationships are built within the Fellowship Group by joining together for lunch after each month’s meeting.

 Adult Study Groups From time to time, one-day workshops and short series are provided for the nurturing of adults in our midst.  These may be led by our Minister, by other leaders within the congregation, or by guest presenters from the community.  The focus of these groups varies from bible studies, to book studies, to theme studies, to skills workshops, and more.  They are open to congregational members as well as to interested persons from the wider community. Check our calendar on this website.

Monday Golf Group Men and women are invited to join in 9 holes of golf on Monday mornings, teeing off at 9:30 am at Longlands on Anderton Road.  Often, people enjoy lunch together afterwards.    This group meets from March to October.  Contact the office for further information on opening season and when it closes.

Lunch Bunch  Every Sunday after the Service, a sign-up sheet in available for anyone who wishes to go for lunch.  A different restaurant is chosen each Sunday and all are invited to attend.  This is a casual opportunity for fun and fellowship.

 Prayer Group and Prayer Chain  Prayer Group:  Every second Wednesday a group of people gather at someone’s home for prayer.  This group prays for global, personal, anc church intentions.  Prayer Chain: This is a phone out where a number of people phone a number of other people when prayers are requested.  To attend the prayer group; volunteer as a phoner, or to solicit prayers from the Prayer Group or Prayer Chain please contact the office for more information at 250-339-2882.

Congregational Breakfast Everyone is invited to breakfast together in the banquet room at the White Spot on Cliffe Ave. in Courtenay on the first Saturday of each month, starting at 8:30 am.  The cost is the price of breakfast (off the menu) plus a loonie to pay for the guest speaker’s breakfast.  The speakers range from congregational members to community guests, all of whom provide insights into their lives and to many of the activities and groups that are happening around the Valley. Not held in July and August.

Centering Prayer is an ancient form of Christian prayer revived in the latter half of the twentieth century to meet the needs of persons seeking a form of meditative or contemplative practice within the Christian tradition.  It is a wordless prayer in which people rest in the presence and love of the in-dwelling God in silence, normally for 20 minutes each time.  A centering prayer group meets at the church each Friday afternoon at 2:30 pm.  This prayer circle is open to anyone on a drop-in basis.  Those who are interested but who are not familiar with centering prayer may call the church office, ask any participant or visit the following websites: www.contemplativeoutreachcanada.org or www.contemplativeoutreach.org

Leading with Care Leading with Care is a program established by the national Presbyterian Church to enhance the safety of persons involved in programs within our congregations.  Our leaders and volunteers are specially trained and oriented whenever their participation in our programs brings them into contact with children and vulnerable adults.  Special guidelines and protocols have been developed, suitable to each program and situation.

Personal Services You are invited to contact the Minister or the church office to inquire about counselling, spiritual direction, fifth-step work, weddings, and memorial services.  These services are available to persons from within the congregation as well as the wider community, according to congregational policies and the practicalities of availability and scheduling.   Baptisms for children, youth, and adults are normally provided to persons associated with the congregation.

Facility Rental You or your group is invited to contact the church office to inquire about the rental of our facility for your meeting, event, or enterprise.