Newsletter February 10 2022


In-Person Worship

To register for in-person worship click the link below or call the office. We will be following all previously adopted pandemic protocols including proof of vaccination, masks and distancing.

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A Meeting has been called for Sunday Feb 20th following the service to consider the proposal from United Properties Resource Corporation (UPRC).

UPRC was one of three consulting/development firms that our committee investigated. It was one of two that created proposals for CVPC. It was the most thorough proposal with regard to actual building and management of the property.

UPRC is a corporation created by the United Church of Canada to help churches make faithful decisions about their properties. UPRC was recommended to us by our National

Church as a consulting and development firm that could help us. To learn more about UPRC go to

We received their proposal which included a fleshed out presentation about what they think is feasible on our site. For example, possibly 35 units, 30 units in a 3-storey walk up and 5 townhouses of which 11 units would be affordable at CMHC rental rates.

The following comes from the NBBC Report to Session:

“Included in their submission: the sorting of permission from various sources; explanations as to what has to be done prior to planning; recommendations and alternatives as to numbers and diversity of possible accommodations with plans and diagrams; possible financial returns to the proposed trust to be set up to operate the running of the project; and overseeing construction through to completion, including landscaping and managing the building upon completion.

 We believe, the “Trust” proposed by UPRC for the construction and running of the accommodation upon completion safeguards exposure to the church or congregation to taxes, ongoing management costs and any liability issues as they pertain to the project before, during, and after completion.

Our Committee is of the belief that UPRC offers a complete package.

Additionally, NBBC also took as an important factor in choosing UPRC, the recommendation by our National Church, to be in contact with UPRC, and the likely future move of the PCC national offices to the newly renovated United Church of Canada national offices in Toronto as an ecumenical campus.”


You can attend this meeting in-person or via Zoom. To attend via zoom click the link below or call the numbers provided:


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        +1 778 907 2071 Canada

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Upcoming Lenten Bible Study

All are welcome to join us for a Bible study every Thurs evening at 7pm over Zoom from March 10- April 7. The study is entitled “Becoming the Church” and focuses on the Holy Habits as found in Acts.

The Book of Acts gives us a fascinating insight into the life, fellowship, and worship of the early church, as it developed post-Pentecost. The six verses (Acts 2:42-47) that form the backbone of this study are very familiar, often referred to as ‘Holy Habits’, and are always worth spending a little time with, as they speak to us about our own ‘habits’ and how they might change, or adapt, to the greater benefit of God’s call on us to share our faith and make disciples ‘of every nation’.