Newsletter February 2nd 2022

Message from the Minister’s Messy Desk

In celebration of our Anniversary I asked you to share with me memories of CVPC. In the coming Newsletters I look forward to sharing those memories with you. Please feel free to continue to write to me with some memories and I will include them!

The following comes from June Heale. The cross that hangs behind the pulpit was made by her late husband Harry. Despite having moved to Parksville June remains in contact with CVPC regularly thanks to newsletters and YouTube.

“Often my late hubby and myself  would see Jeannie on the street and give her a ride home.  One very humid hot day, we spotted her at the bus stop just outside the Driftwood Mall.  We stopped and offered her a ride home.  She gladly accepted, but asked us first to go to Thrifty’s with her and pick up a few things for her.  She returned our kindness by offering us lunch, (obviously the reason for the trip to Thrifty’s I could see she needed some help as she was totally exhausted from the heat, so I suggested that she needed to rest.  She was just so overcome with the heat, I  persuaded her to lie down.

When we had her settled away, we told her we would leave her to rest now..  Oh my she was quite indignant because she wanted to give us lunch for helping her.  I agreed if she  let me prepare the  lunch, so that is what happened, and the 3 of us set down to enjoy food from Thriftys.

This was on the Friday, that same weekend I got a call from D’Arcy, that Jeannie had passed away.  I guess someone in the family had told him about us helping Jeannie, he expressed surprise, he did not know we were doing  that.  So he kindly phoned us to let us know our friend had passed away.

That was shock to us, but both Harry and myself were so thankful that we had taken that opportunity to be a Good Samaritan.  I guess there is a moral story in this recall…..never pass up an chance to help one another out, one never knows God is going to call any of us home.  We loved Jeannie, she was such a pleasant lady to know.  We were richer for knowing her, and we were thankful for the opportunity to serve God by helping Jeannie.”

Thank you June for sharing this memory!