Newsletter May 6, 2021

A Message from the Minister’s Messy Desk

This week’s newsletter will be brief! My role as Moderator has picked up lately given some emergent meetings and upcoming vacancies in the Presbytery. But this is all part of being a connective church! Please pray for those churches throughout our denomination who are experiencing vacancies during this challenging time.

I will be away on holidays May 24-31st. My very best friend and student at Knox College,
Jessica Foy will be providing a pre-recorded service on our YouTube channel for May 30th.
We will celebrate the sacrament of communion on Sunday June 6th during our live-stream.Please have your own elements prepared.

will begin June 3 and will run every Thursday at 7pm over Zoom until June 24 (4 weeks).
We will use Scripture to help us understand our relationship with all of God’s creatures,
great and small.

India is currently in the midst of a dramatic surge in COVID-19 cases, threatening its healthcare system and leaving already vulnerable families in crisis.

For more than a week, over 300,000 cases have been diagnosed daily. So far over 220,000 people have died in India and the crisis is only worsening.

Immediate needs are access to health care, medical supplies, and medicines, particularly oxygen. There is an urgent need to educate people on risk prevention and address vaccine hesitancy. Vaccine supply is insufficient and inaccessible to many, leaving herd immunity out of reach.

PWS&D is preparing to respond with its partners and ACT Alliance members in India to support people who are sick or quarantined at home with provisions to buy medicines and for other emergency needs. Additionally, they will work with communities to share messages on infection prevention and control, as well as information on vaccines.

Please donate today to help save lives in India. 

*Through our membership in Canadian Foodgrains Bank, PWS&D is participating in the Humanitarian Coalition India COVID Crisis appeal.