Creches of the World 2023

We are happy to announce that the Nativity Display “Creches of the World” will be held this year on Dec 8 and 9.

If in past years you have lent us sets to display, we thank you very much for your participation in this gift to the community. Without you, it wouldn’t happen. We hope you will once again add to the event by lending us your nativity set(s).

For sets NOT previously displayed, please complete a registration form (click here for a downloadable form, or click here to use the online form) – one for each set please. Please read the registration form carefully. If possible, please include extra information about the set, particularly where it was acquired, country of origin if known, and a history of how you came to get the set and what special significance it has for you. Our visitors have often commented on how interesting the stories are and how these stories contribute to the overall interest.

Sets can be brought to the church during office hours (9AM to noon) Tuesday, or Wednesday, December 5 or 6 or after the service on the 3rd. We will not accept any sets, even if they have been previously lent to us, after the 6th.

Please remember to package them securely (boxes rather than bags, if possible) and well-marked with your name(and number if the set was previously displayed).

If the set has been loaned before it will have a number (on the box and/or on the bottom of the manger). If you are not sure anymore what the number is, bring it in and we’ll try to find you in our records. If they are small sets, you can package them together in one box but please note all the assigned numbers of the sets on the outside of the box.