Newsletter January 27 2022

A Message from the Minister’s Messy Desk

In celebration of our Anniversary I asked you to share with me memories of CVPC. In the coming Newsletters I look forward to sharing those memories with you. Please feel free to continue to write to me with some memories and I will include them! 

The first memory that came in was from Peg MacMillan she writes:

“I started working at the Comox Rec Centre in 1993 and, being the ‘newbie’, I was given the shift no-one, including myself wanted, the Sunday shift. But hey, the job was a good fit for me at the time and I was told it would only be a short time before I would be switched out of the Sunday position. Fast forward to January 1995 and, yup, I was still the Sunday employee.
Having missed attending church for two years I was quite happy when I was advised a congregation would start to use one of our meeting areas for Sunday worship. I believe it was D’arcy and Marg Carr who stopped at my desk that first Sunday with concern I would be interrupted by the music and said they would ensure to close the door when the service began. I requested they leave the door open so ‘I might attend from a distance’. This arrangement worked perfectly as I was now able to attend worship while at work.
The friendliness of CVPC’s congregation stayed with me long after they moved on. When Rodney & I moved back to Comox I remembered this friendly, welcoming group and realized we were within walking distance of their church. And now, happily, we can say it’s our church too.”

Thank you Peg for sharing this memory and for reminding us that we never know how we can positively impact others and what effect that can have on their faith life in the future!


The Session moved to RESUME in-person worship in February following previously adopted pandemic protocols. You can register to attend in person worship by calling the office or going to:

IN Person Registration 


The New Beginnings Building Committee recommended that Session receive and consider a proposal from the United Properties Resource Corporation (UPRC).

The New Beginnings Building Committee was in contact with three different church based consulting/development firms. They received proposals from two of them and are recommending the proposal from UPRC.

UPRC was created by the United Church of Canada to bring professional real estate expertise to communities of faith to provide them with all of the information they need to make faithful decisions.  UPRC would become a general partner with CVPC and would look after most of the cost, work, and management of a mixed housing complex. To learn more about UPRC go to:


A CONGREGATIONAL MEETING will be called in the very near future so that the congregation can consider the proposal from UPRC. The date for this meeting will be announced on Sunday. 

Rev. Jenn and Mike are on holidays Jan 31-Feb 7. Erica Farrell will be leading the service and Jean Sarrazin will be providing tech support. Please contact your elder or Angela Hope (250-650-8830) in the event of a pastoral emergency.