Make Your Own Nativity

A nativity scene is a display of figures that tells the story of the birth of Jesus.

At this time of year, many people decorate their home with a nativity scene to remind them that Jesus was God’s gift of love to the world. That’s the reason for the season.But you can find nativity scenes made in different countries all around the world that don’t look like this at all.

In every country where artists make nativity scenes, they use the materials they find around them, and they create the scene as though it were happening in their own country.

You can see more of these scenes at

Just like artists around the world, you can make your own nativity scene out of materials you find close to home, and make it just the way you wish.

For instance, you could paint stones you find on the beach.
You could decorate sticks or blocks of wood with felt scraps to create people.

You could make an inukshuk nativity with stones, cardboard and paper.
How to make your own Nativity Scene – Comox Valley Style.

Go out for a walk on a beach or a forest trail and collect driftwood, seashells, pebbles, evergreen cones, feathers, acorns, cedar twigs, berries, bark and whatever else you think you could use.
You could also raid your blue box and see what you can use from there.
And you could look around the house and find some crafty things to add to your scene: beads, fabric scraps, buttons, ribbon, paint, markers, etc.
You will also need a hot glue gun, and an adult to help you use it.
Hot glue guns can be found at any dollar store, but they become very hot when you plug them in, and so it’s important that an adult supervises you. Ordinary wood glue is usually not strong enough for these projects.

And you will need a good base to work on: a flat piece of driftwood, a styrofoam meat tray, heavy cardboard cut from a box, maybe even an old dinner plate.

Now have fun!

Here are some examples:
Mary is holding Jesus in her arms. Can you see the angels with their wings? And did you notice the crowns the wise men are wearing?
The wonderful thing about nativities made with natural or recycled materials is that you can return it to nature or the recycle bin at the end of the season.

If you need more inspiration, Google “driftwood nativity,” “seashell nativity,” and “DIY nativity”, for instance:

If you would rather make a nativity out of paper and crayons or markers, check out this pattern, which you can print off on the computer. Print, colour, and cut out the figures, then bend the figure around a plastic or paper glass and glue in place. You can even decorate these figures with glittery stickers or sequins.