May 8 2022

Thank you to Erica Farrell for preaching as Rev. Jenn was away on holiday
Responsive Call to Worship
Welcoming God, you invite us to come into our special sacred space
to gather together with God, and to join in our shared worship of God.
The Lord is my Shepherd; I have received all I ever needed in the past.

Generous God, you guide us to meet together in prayer and praise
and as we gather with God – we are rested and quietly restored in God.
The Lord is my Shepherd; I have everything I need now – at this moment.

Hospitable God, you have prepared for us here, a great feast of blessings—
as we meet together with God, and share in fellowship and thanksgiving.
The Lord is my Shepherd; I have everything I will ever need – for all time. Amen.
Responsive Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession
Gracious God, you care for me; I need nothing more.
Hear the cry of those who are hungry;
hungry for justice, and dignity, hungry for freedom, and love.
You lead me into a haven of peace and rest.
Hear the cry of those who are alone;
those who grieve a relationship broken by death or human failing,
those who live in the isolation of a hospital room, a prison cell,
a frail body, a confused mind.
You breath new life into me and lead me in new ways.
God whose breath is life itself,
we pray for a just and caring use of your creation;
a fair sharing of its abundance, an ethical searching of its mysteries.

You are with me, and comfort me,
even when the darkness of the world looms large.
We pray for those who seek the truth;
those who cannot speak, and those who cannot be heard,
that the light of your Word
may shine in the darkness which overshadows their lives
In the face of those who trouble me
you provide for me, and pour out your blessings.
Hear the cry of those trampled by racial or religious intolerance,
disoriented by homelessness, defeated by unemployment;
God of justice and compassion you are with me always
and have promised to sustain me all my life.
Enlarge our vision of life, and make us bold in our hope,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
let our cry come to you;