May 15 2022

Erica Farrell preaching

Call to Worship (based on psalm 148)
Praise God, all people!
Praise the Lord, all creation!
Whales doing backflips in the air,
squid and octopi dancing on the ocean floor;
giant redwoods stretching to the sky,
tomato vines cuddling around a stake.
Mountains blocking the sunrise,
moles tunneling through our front lawns;
5-year-olds sitting in a story-time circle,
grandparents singing ‘their song.’
Redbuds decorating our backyard,
grass growing faster than our children;
seals getting a suntan on the rocks,
teenagers knotted together at church.
Praise the Lord, all creation!
Praise God, all people!

Prayer of Confession:

Who are we to get in your way, Holy God?  We put people into neat, little boxes, but you rip them open, so folks can dance in your joy. We imprison others with our unmet expectations, and you set them free with a Word. We build walls around those we don’t know, and you tear them down, so they can run wild in the kingdom.
     Who are we to get in your way, especially in the way of your forgiveness offered to all! Give us your vision that sees everyone as equal – forgiven, graced, loved – even as we seek to follow our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.