Joy to the World! Nativity Display


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Event Visitors

Friday Dec. 8th, 1 pm – 3:00 pm for seniors and those with mobility issues
Friday Dec. 8th, 3-7:00 pm for the general public
Saturday Dec. 9, 10:30 am – 3:30 pm for the general public

What is it?

Joy to the World! is a display of nativity sets from around the world, created by artists to tell the story of Christmas. Our congregation hosted a display of almost 200 sets last year that was attended by more than 350 visitors.

This display is accompanied by musical presentations and a children’s activity area.

Why are we doing this?

Joy to the World! is our congregation’s gift to the community of the Comox Valley, telling our visitors the story of Christmas in a gentle and beautiful way. It invites people into our church and provides spiritual nurturing, hospitality, and a place to worship.

Joy to the World! also encourages interdenominational cooperation, as people from around the valley lend their sets and their musical gifts to the event. They also help publicize it in their church bulletins.

The Details

This year, Joy to the World! will be:

Friday Dec. 8 @ 1 pm – 3:00 pm for seniors and those with mobility issues

Friday Dec. 8 @ 3 pm – 7 pm for the general public

Saturday Dec. 9 @ 10:30 am – 3:30 pm for the general public

How is the congregation involved?

Joy to the World relies heavily on community participation. Here’s what you can do:

 Lend us your nativity sets. At a minimum, your set will show Mary, Joseph, and the Holy Child. Download the Nativity set Registration form for more information or pick one up at the church. You may also fill out the form below to be contacted by one of the organizers.

If you know someone who has a special set that would enhance our event, ask if we can borrow it for the weekend. Sets are dropped off the week before the display, and returned the Sunday after. We have a no-touch policy, and experience has shown that visitors are very respectful of these displays.

Last year, many visitors were really interested in the stories that you told about your set. No set is too old, too simple, too small, or too worn, especially if they have a story attached.

If you lent a set last year, it is already registered; just contact Al to let him know you’re willing to lend it again.

 If you have musical gifts, offer to fill a half hour slot with your talents. Many of our visitors last year look the time to just sit and listen to the music. Live performances are very special.

 Spread the word. Talk about this event to others, and invite friends and neighbours to come. Offer to put up posters in public places, and if you are part of an organization that has newsletters, send information to the editor for inclusion.

 Volunteer on the weekend of the event. We will need many people to fill a variety of roles: greeters, monitors (people who circulate around the room, assisting visitors as needed), helpers in the children’s room, refreshment hostesses. The hospitality we show to our visitors is so important. We’ll also need folks to put up and take down tables and to unpack sets as well as pack them again afterwards. A volunteer sign-up sheet will be posted in a few weeks.

 Bring your bright ideas to the organizing committee. We’re hoping to make this an annual event, so we want to know how we can improve or add to it.

∙ and of course: come and enjoy!

Who’s on the Committee?

Al and Jessie Schut, Lois Lupkoski, Nerissa Thomas, Sheila McLellan and Peg MacMillan.

For more information or to contact the organizers, please contact the church or use the form below.

Press the Send button below. We will contact you as soon as possible!


  1. Pack your set in a box, using protective packaging as necessary. Please include only one set per package/box
  2. Write your name clearly on the outside of the box, as well as the number of pieces in the set.
  3. If possible, include a photo, or you can send a digital copy to
  4. Have a registration form ready to give to us at the drop-off.

Friday ,               10AM to noon at the Office
Sunday ,             after the morning service
Tuesday,            10AM to noon at the office

Pick-up Schedule:
Saturday              (you may wish to help us take down, as well!)
Sunday ,               after the morning service
Tuesday,              or during office hours Dec. 21.

Our Church Secretary Retires

Jeannine Taylor retired August 23 after 11.5 years as church secretary. She has efficiently managed the church office through two ministers and some gaps between ministers. There was a luncheon in her honour after the service on Sunday,  August 19.  She and her husband Chris plan to use the farewell gift to go hot air ballooning on their retirement  trip.

Meditative Walk and Peace Pole

The summer camp children made a peace pole which has been erected on the church grounds. The pole has messages of peace in four languages – English, French and German.

We also now have a meditative walk near our community garden. The idea was conceived by Margaret Evans, our summer minister intern, and the work done by Bill Kennedy, assisted by Margaret and Sharon and Charlie Scott. It will provide peaceful moments for many people.

peace pole 011

peace pole 010

peace pole 006

peace pole 005

peace pole 001